New XL Colours

It’s been a long wait but finally 3 new Nintendo DSi XL colours are available. Order your blue, green or yellow DSi XL now while they’re still in stock. See our price comparison to and make sure you don’t miss out on the best DSi XL deals.

Features: DSi XL vs. DSi vs. DS Lite vs. DS

If you’re unsure which model of Nintendo DS you want or if it is worth upgrading, here’s a chart which can help you decide. It lists only the most important features and spec.

DSi XL Vs. DSi

Pictured: DSi XL Vs. DSi

Screen Size 3″ 3″ 3.2″ 4.2″
Pen Stylus
Built-in Game
Wide Viewing Angle
Camera Dictionary
Web Browser
SD Memory Card Slot
Demo Download
Music Playback
Internal Storage
Sleek Design
GBA Compatable
Weight 275g 218g 214g 314g
Battery Life (hours) 10 19 14 14-17
Price (click to buy) N/A* £100 £120 £140

*The original DS is no longer in production.

DSi XL Review

DS Lite sits on a DSi XL's lap

DS Lite sits on a DSi XL's lap

The excitement when the UPS man arrived with my new console was dampened a little by a surprise £38 import tax (that’s what I get for importing from Japan and not waiting for the UK release). To be honest though, it didn’t bother me too much because I was so eager to get at my DSi XL. Play-Asia had packaged a pretty neat set of screwdrivers with my order (maybe to compensate for not warning me about the import tax).

The console was packed in a thin and sleek box. Inside it were Japanese instructions and a Japanese power cable (my mains adaptor is on its way) next to the console itself.

Despite all the pictures I’ve seen of it before, I was still (surprisingly) surprised at its size. The screens are really nice to look at. I’m not sure how to say it other than, “the screens look really big”. They’re certainly striking and made me say “wow”. I was definitely impressed.

Maths Brain Training also doubles as a Japanese trainer on my imported model. Unfortunately for those not wishing to learn a new language, you can't change it to English.

Maths Brain Training also doubles as a Japanese trainer. Unfortunately for those not wishing to learn a new language, you can't change it to English (on my imported console).

Unfortunately, the Brain Training games which are included in the systems are almost impossible to play in Japanese (maybe people who have played them in English will know what to do, but I hadn’t a clue). I did find writing on the screen to be more enjoyable even if the numbers I wrote were complete guesses. Not only are the bigger screens nicer to write on, but the new pen is much more comfortable than the stylus. I don’t think I’ll ever use the stylus again. If you have an older DS and aren’t planning to upgrade to the new console, you should at least buy a new pen. I don’t know why they didn’t think of it before.

People have been worried about the larger pixels being more noticeable. I wasn’t looking for it particularly but I didn’t notice them. I was impressed all round by the screens.

Although I’ve read a lot of web pages about the DSi XL, I never picked up on the fact that (probably due to popular demand) the top of the console once again has a glossy finish unlike the matte finish on the original DSi. On the underside of the console the matt finish remains. I think the idea is that the matt finish will be easier to grip, not that the gloss finish ever caused me to drop my DS Lite. But you can play bus games easily!

People have said that the new system might be too big but it fits in my jeans’ pockets fine and sticks out less than my wallet (maybe because it’s stuffed with cash, more likely with overdrawn bank cards used for importing games consoles).

Who should get: I have a big TV and big laptop screen. I’m a fan of big screens so I appreciate this hardware improvement more than any of the extra stuff that was introduced with the DSi. I had a DS Lite and definitely think it is worth the cost of the upgrade if you spend a lot of time on your DS.

What do you think? Will you be buying one? If you already have one, please leave your own review.

Nintendo DSi XL – I’ve Found the Best Price UK Price

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Nintendo DSi XL Video

A new Nintendo DSi XL video has been released. This time the video is in English (so you don’t have to rely on my previous attempt to guess what they were saying in the Japanese advert any more). It’s a nice little video which shows off the main features and makes the console look all stylish and cool.

DS Price and Colour Comparison

Finally, one place where you can see all models and colours of DS/DSi along with their prices (which are usually the cheapest prices around).


DSi XL Bundle – Free accessory pack plus 1 game for £10 extra.

Standard DSi

DSi Bundle – Free accessory pack plus 1 game for £10 extra.

DS Lite

Nintendo 3DS

Since its launch in 2004 the DS has become the best selling games console in history. That’s very impressive to say the least but now it’s time for the DS to step out of the spotlight and make room for the next generation of handheld console, the Nintendo 3DS.

The 3DS isn’t a simple redesign along the lines of the DS Lite or DSi XL, this is an entirely new gaming system which will do more to immerse you in the gaming experience than any console that has gone before. That isn’t simply down to the massively improved graphical performance which we’ve come to expect with new hardware. For the first time ever, you will be able to experience 3D visual effects without glasses. It’s a technology which can’t be demonstrated on TV or any computer screen. The only way to know how well it works is to experience a 3DS first hand.

Nintendo 3DS

If you're interested in the Nintendo 3DS, check out for daily news on the best games. I do everyday (although that's partly because I run it).

Glassesless 3D may be headline grabbing and impressive to show off to your friends but it’s really just the tip of the iceberg. How would you like a new surprise every time you open your 3DS? Put your 3DS into “sleep mode” and carry with you when you go out. If you pass anyone else with a 3DS, the two will interact. Depending on the games you have played, they can interact differently. For example if you have played Street Fighter IV 3DS and pass someone else who has played it, a battle will take place in your pockets without you even being aware of it. When you next open your Nintendo 3DS you will find who you battled and how your fighter performed. If you won, you’ll be rewarded with special unlockable content from So lots of flash games are waiting for you!

StreetPass isn’t the only reason to get out and about with your 3DS. The system keeps track of how much you’ve walked with your console and rewards you for doing so with game coins which can be spent on in-game content. It’s the ultimate pedometer!

There’s still much more which I’m not going to go into detail on but here’s a quick list:

  • Bring Miis from your Wii
  • Take a photo of a friend to instantly create their Mii
  • Take 3D photos and videos
  • Augment Reality – for example, watch a Nintendogs run around on your hand
  • Collect photos of friends and battle them in Face Raiders
  • Edit and play with sounds or music

This is all included with your 3DS. We haven’t even touched on the most important aspect yet – 3DS games. With more games in development for the 3DS than any other system in history at this point in its life, there is sure to be something for everyone. Weather it’s Nintendogs + Cats, Mario Kart 3D or maybe Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D is more your style, there’s something for everybody.

Are you already planning whether to get a blue or a black 3DS? If you are, head over to 3DS Buzz for lots more info.