Next-Gen Nintendo DS Likely to provide Unlimited 3G

Nintendo’s Satoru Itwata has stated that the company are considering providing unlimited 3G data access with the next Nintendo handheld. Unfortunately he isn’t talking about the DSi XL. He is probably referring to an all new handheld console some way down the line. Unlimited 3G is an increasingly popular service but only available to those willing to pay over £35 per month on their phone bill. Iwata is keen to bring these services to their customers for a more manageable price.

This image of the DS3G is believed to be fake.

This image of the DS3G is believed to be fake.

While Nintendo are well known for taking a leading role in evolving the games industry, they lagged behind Microsoft, Sony and even Sega in their adoption of Internet services on their systems. Provide unlimited 3G access would be Nintendo’s first real innovation in communications.

It will be interesting to see what kind of deals will be stuck with phone companies to provide the 3G network access. This would make sense since Nintendo’s main competitor in the handheld market is the Iphone which gained a lot of popularity due to its easy Internet access and integration.

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